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About Us

About Us

Our MISSION: We exist to glorify God and make disciples by understanding the neglected and advancing the mission of Jesus Christ to inner-city and low income students by providing gospel-centered platforms that elevate the truth of the Gospel and lead students to live UNIQUE lives in service to our Savior and King.


We offer affordable, gospel-centered platforms that gather and unite inner-city students throughout the calendar year.


We offer ongoing discipleship and mentorship to UNIQUE STUDENTS who have recognized the call on their lives to be ambassadors of the gospel.


We provide opportunities for UNIQUE STUDENTS to travel locally to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We understand that God created us individually for the purpose of advancing the gospel through the gifts, talents, and abilities that He uniquely gave each one of us.


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Conference and Flame Concert

Conference Ticket + Flame Concert (Monday, July 27th - Friday July 31st)
  • This includes the full 5 day conference as well as the Flame Concert Friday Night.

Flame and The NGEN Radio Take Over

Flame Concert Only (Friday July 31st)
  • For Friday Night Only, if you have a conference ticket you don't need to purchase concert tickets.

Lock In

Lock In Only (Friday, July 31st, 10PM - Saturday, August 1st, 6AM)
  • Join us for the after party. USM Lock In on July 31 from 10:00 PM through 6:00 AM at Tallowood Baptist Church!

Speakers and Band

We have some great individuals who have partnered with us this year and we're excited to see what the Lord has in store for Unique Student Ministry conference.

Alfonso Gilbert

Alfonso Gilbert

Born and raised in South San Diego, Alfonso grew up in a heroin addict home. By age 16 he was selling drugs and part of a notorious gang. After being caught for a crime, he was given the option by his probation officer to enlist in the US Marine Corps. He joined but was soon discharged for homicidal and suicidal tendencies and returned to San Diego to sell drugs. Upon paying respects for the death of a fellow gang member, he was invited to church by the sister. He accepted the invitation and surrendered his life to Christ that Sunday. He married the girl who invited him to church, started his family, and began serving in ministry.

Upon hearing his testimony, a church member paid for Alfonso to attend Bible College. Alfonso earned an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Cathedral Bible College and graduated Valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude. He went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Divinity from Azusa Pacific University and was awarded the Outstanding Student Award and enrolled into the Alpha Chi National Honor Society. He earned a second Master’s Degree in Theology from Bethel Seminary and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Alfonso further completed a Doctoral of Ministry Degree in Biblical Leadership from Bethel University. He planted a church in San Diego for nearly a decade and is currently the founding pastor of the Spanish service for Second Baptist Church. He has been married to Erica for 22 years and they have four children.

Christian Hip Hop Artist – FLAME

Christian Hip Hop Artist – FLAME

Most of FLAME’s life has been lived between two worlds. From the contradicting spheres of inner city street culture and Christianity that defined his formative years to the blurred lines between the sacred and the secular that shaped his career as the first Midwest Christian rap artist to gain a national platform, FLAME has always been caught in the middle. The St. Louis-native may have grown up soaked in street culture, but today he is a well-versed leader in Christian hip-hop with a growing list of accolades, including five Dove Award nominations, three Stellar Award nominations and a GRAMMY® nomination. The consistent Billboard chart topper has released 7 albums: self-titled Flame (2004), Rewind (2005), Our World Fallen (2007), Our World Redeemed (2008), Captured (2010), The 6th (2012), & Royal Flush (2013).

FLAME’s seventh full-length release, Royal Flush, is poised to be the most exciting chapter in his already impressive career. “In the game of poker, the highest hand you can receive is a royal flush, which is a ten, a jack, a queen, a king and an ace,” the rapper explains in reference to the album’s title. “When I thought about the concept, it reminded me about what Christ has done in the life of a Christian. He set us up to win.’ We’ve got the highest hand.” Drawing the inspiration from 2 Peter 1:3, FLAME adds, “God’s given us all the things that pertain to life and godliness.”

FLAME started down a path of rebellion and spent his early teen years partying. The influence of his older friends led to experimenting with drugs and a series of incidents at his school. FLAME was eventually kicked out of his high school, but little did he know God would use this as a turning point in his life. On his way to orientation at his new school, he was involved in a horrific accident when the car he was riding in was struck by an 18-wheeler three times, shattering the entire left side of his body.

“As the collision happened, I just remember being terrified, not even thinking about the pain, because there was pain,” he says, “but I was just thinking, Man, I’m about to die. I’m 16 years old, and I know I haven’t lived the things I believe as it relates to Christianity.”

Following the accident, FLAME was hospitalized and forced to do physical therapy for more than a year. The experience shook the young teen to his core, and he sought wisdom from his grandmother, the strongest Christian in his family at the time. They talked about repentance and redemption. A week later, his grandmother died unexpectedly of a heart attack at 55. These two life-changing events broke the ice clutching FLAME’s heart. “I was invited to church, and I resisted for a while,” FLAME continues. “Then eventually I went, heard the gospel, heard about Jesus’ love, dying for my sin, and I wept like a baby, and I gave my life to the Lord. I was 16 years old.”

Today, FLAME has a degree in biblical counseling from Louisville’s Southern Seminary, viewing rich biblical knowledge as essential to his ministry. “I love the Bible. I love theology. I love Jesus and that light bulb moment when people get excited about Him. I love taking the knowledge from the Bible and connecting the dots with how these things apply to our everyday lives and our deep-seated personal issues.”

FLAME is also raising the bar in Christian hip-hop through the quality of music he creates and the artists he’s introducing to the genre via the boutique label he and his wife founded in 2010, Clear Sight Music. “It’s not an exclusive hip-hop label,” he explains of their company, whose first signee is pop vocalist V. Rose. “We’re interested in the genres of music that influence the youth culture,” he says. “We want to pull in artists who can serve in that capacity and give them a label home.”

In all of his efforts, whether on-stage, in class or through the means of Clear Sight Music, FLAME is bridging the gap between the sacred and the secular. While his music is unashamedly Christian, he hopes it might also affect seekers as well, just like he was impacted by Christian hip-hop long before he surrendered his life to God. “Christianity is very black and white,” FLAME maintains. “I just want to encourage the Christian and the non-Christian who may be interested in peeking over the fence of Christianity that in this faith, in this worldview, you’ve been set up to win.”

Flame’s Website

Mike Keahbone

Mike Keahbone

Mike grew up in the small town of Elgin, Oklahoma. His father was a full-blood Cherokee and his mother was Comanche and Kiowa. Though he comes from a proud Native heritage, his family was ravaged by alcohol and drug addiction. As a “teenage mom,” Mike’s mother was in and out of his life and would eventually pass away at the age of 40 due to an alcohol related illness. Mike’s father was completely absent from his life.

Through all of the turmoil, pain and abandonment, there was hope. God put people in Mike’s life that would love him unconditionally and model the love of Jesus Christ for him. It was that love and example that would lead him to give his life to the Lord on November 1, 1990. It became clear to Mike that God had been with him through the storms of his life and that each and every circumstance was instrumental in shaping God’s plan for him. Mike has been called to preach the love, hope and comfort that can only come from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mike seeks to honor God and teach Scripture to all people. Mike combines deep and practical teaching of Scripture with relevant humor, stories, and principles for life change. God has gifted Mike with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that leads him to understand the needs of his audience and to say exactly what they need to hear through the truth of God’s Word. He inspires to provoke a passion for Scripture in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. As Mike explains, “God has given me a clear, passionate vision to fulfill the calling of Colossians 1:28, to present everyone perfect in Christ.”

Mike currently resides in Albuquerque NM with his lovely wife Jennifer, five year old daughter Hannah and three year old son Mikah and 2 month old Sarah. Mike serves as the Family Ministry Pastor at Hoffmantown Church and as many opportunities to preach camps, revivals, discipleship weekends and conferences all across the country.

Mike’s Website

Worship Leader – Joshua Price

Worship Leader – Joshua Price

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Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction, as singer/songwriter and speaker Joshua Price is quick to attest. After all, it’s not every day you’re confronted by a stranger living in a school bus in a Walmart parking lot bearing a message from God, but that’s exactly what happened to Joshua a few short years ago. The incident—as odd as it may have seemed—was an affirmation that helped plot a new trajectory for the Florida native, and he hasn’t looked back since.
With a burgeoning national ministry both as an artist and speaker and with three recordings under his belt, Joshua’s latest offering, Nothing Without You, was produced by Conrad Johnson of Lakeland, Florida’s Inertia Sound Studio—one of Christian music’s premier production hubs outside of Nashville. The two met after Joshua won a local radio station’s “Cell Phone Superstar” contest, earning the opportunity to record a song with Conrad. Finding both musical and personal connection in the process, they forged a partnership for the recording of Joshua’s entire EP.
“Conrad pushed me to convey a message with simplicity without losing depth,” Joshua says. “He was very clear that he believed in me, and because of that belief I was willing to dig deep—both vocally and as a songwriter. He brought talents to the surface I didn’t know I had.”
The six-song EP is a smartly polished, worship-driven summation of Joshua’s life since that unexpected parking lot encounter. Yet it’s just a glimpse of the greater picture of his journey, which reveals a series of providential moments proving God’s faithfulness along the way.
Embittered by the divorce of his parents as a teenager, Joshua’s heart was softened after hearing a sermon on forgiveness and he committed his life to Christ. That same year he bought a guitar and learned to play, desiring to literally live the words of Psalm 33:2-3, “Praise the Lord with the harp; make music to Him on the ten-stringed lyre. Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.”
“It’s so easy in the valleys of life to lose sight of the fact that we have a sovereign God who will receive the glory in spite of the hardest of circumstances we face,” Joshua says of his life’s ups and downs. “Romans 8:28 is a constant reminder for me to look at the big picture instead of the momentary pain or struggle and realize that our great God is orchestrating my steps, even the hardest steps.”
One of Joshua’s darkest seasons was the death of his older brother in a car accident nearly five years ago, the day after Joshua and his bride Deanna returned from their honeymoon. In spite of the tragedy, more than 10 people came to Christ after hearing the Gospel at the memorial service, which Joshua and his father officiated. It was a pivotal moment for him.
“I was sitting behind a piano singing ‘Amazing Grace,’ yet I was internally battling anger, frustration and bitterness,” he recalls of the funeral. “I looked out and saw people coming forward to respond to the call of salvation and that moment made a lifelong impact. God can take the lowest times in our lives and use them to point to His Son Jesus. I have since been able to share my brother’s story to hundreds of congregations, student ministries and in concert in 30 states and four countries and have seen salvation and life-change as a result.”
Further redeeming the tragic circumstance, Joshua put pen to paper, writing a song that would later become the EP’s title cut. “Nothing Without You” is also a thematic focal point of the entire
project. “There’s a line that says, ‘I’m not defined by circumstance/with You there’s nothing left to chance/but I’m still torn apart.’ That perfectly describes the place I often find myself. Yes, tragedy has stricken my family. Yes, life can seem hard. But ultimately, my identity is found in Jesus, not circumstance.”
Shortly after his brother’s death, Joshua began to sense God telling him to “go,” but he didn’t know where, or even how to heed the call. He and Deanna returned to Houston to his job as a worship leader and student minister at Second Baptist Church. Settling into life as newlyweds, the couple had no logical reason to “go” anywhere, yet they continued to hear the message.
Later that year, while visiting his father in Florida, Joshua told him of this persistent nudging, uncertain of what he needed to do. The two prayed together, asking God to show Joshua a sign, never thinking an errand to Walmart would hold the answer. However, a ramshackle school bus in the parking lot caught Joshua and Deanna’s attention while at the store that afternoon. Intrigued, he walked over for a closer look, reading the graffiti-like writing that covered the bus. To his surprise, the door swung open and a man emerged. He introduced himself as Kirby and said he’d just been reading the Bible and praying when God told him to tell the people standing outside the bus it was time to “go.”
“Honestly, my first reaction was, ‘Is this real life?’” Joshua recalled in shock. “Our other reaction was fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of finances. Fear of doors not opening. In other words, we completely lacked trust in the Lord. It still took nine more months for me to answer His call to sell our things and move, but we knew He would show us the way.”
Leaving Houston, Joshua committed himself to itinerant music and ministry—anywhere God would lead. He and Deanna began traveling the country, often living out of their car and relying on the hospitality of friends and fellow believers along the way. Today his rapidly growing ministry includes leading worship for a variety of events, sharing his own songs, and also speaking to congregations and student groups. Off the road, Joshua is a worship leader at The Bridge Church in Venice, Florida. In addition, he preaches regularly at The Bridge, as well as another local church. Although a naturally gifted musician, preaching was yet another calling he never expected to embrace.
“Ultimately, I think anyone called into worship leading is called to be in constant study of God’s Word,” he says. “When I became a worship leader I found out quickly that God’s Word is much more powerful than mine, and using the Bible as my primary tool in worship should be my focus.”
This commitment to Bible study has indeed yielded potent results in his songwriting. Joshua received the lyrics to “Yahweh,” another highlight of the EP, while studying the Word one evening. A compelling anthem of praise, the song was inspired by Exodus 3, where God speaks to Moses saying, “I Am Who I Am.” The Truth that we serve a powerful, yet caring God hit home for Joshua like never before. “God was reaching out to His people, essentially saying He is not a far away God, but a personal God and His name is Yahweh,” he says. “The Lord erupted this song in my heart, and I called Deanna immediately and sang it to her over the phone.”
Not coincidentally, “Yahweh” was the first song Joshua and Conrad had the opportunity to record together, ultimately leading to their partnership on the EP. The song’s journey is also a reminder that sometimes seemingly random occurrences are actually important parts of the greater story of God’s providence. That theme resonates time and again for Joshua Price, and—like old school buses in Walmart parking lots—it’s the unexpected grace he’s learned to embrace each day.

Check out Joshua Price Music below.

Curt Williams

Curt Williams

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Curt Williams is the Founder and Executive Director of Youth-Reach, Inc. which operates full-service residential programs for at-risk, troubled and delinquent boys ages 12 to 21.

After being raised in a balanced Christian home and educated in a Christian academy, Curt left his hometown of Mobile, Alabama to seek his fortunes in Houston. He was backslidden and full of anger, and spent several years pursuing the evil of this world before coming to a true faith in Christ in 1984. Along with his newfound commitment to Christ came a passion for the hurting and troubled kids that his former lifestyle had brought him into contact with. Returning to the streets of Houston with a different message, one of faith and hope, made Curt aware of the vast numbers of damaged and delinquent young people that had no alternative if they wanted to escape the cycle of drugs, crime and elicit sex. Thinking that he would soon find that elusive alternative, he began taking homeless street kids into his apartment in late 1984. The first boys were drug addicted, alcoholic, HIV infected kids from Houston’s notorious Montrose district.

It soon became apparent that the Lord was directing Curt to begin a program to meet the challenging needs of these kids. With no experience, connections or education in this area of ministry he simply started to do it, and the Lord met the needs. Miracle after miracle took place. Soon, a respected group of men and women were assembled as Youth-Reach Houston’s first board, and area churches began to offer support.

In 1985, Youth-Reach was chartered in The State of Texas and later the first home was licensed to operate as a Foster Group Home to allow for the legal care of juvenile boys. Curt was married to his wife Shelley in 1988 and together they have seven kids of their own to go with the many boys that they have touched. Since 1984 Youth-Reach has been home to over 2200 kids.

Curt serves as the Executive Director over the Houston operation as well as over Youth-Reach Gulf Coast, located on 81 acres east of Summerdale, Alabama. He regularly speaks at conferences, retreats, youth camps, and churches. He most treasures the opportunity to speak to parents who are struggling to raise adolescent kids through his RESOLUTIONS Parenting seminars. His twenty-nine years of experience ministering to kids that range from street kids to the children of the privileged has given him a unique perspective and insight into the many challenges that these kids face.

Curt is available to speak to your group and may be booked by calling 281-459-4555, or by email at curt@youth-reach.org

Sammy Lopez

Sammy Lopez

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Lead Pastor of Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship in San Antonio.
Sammy Lopez was born the “son of a preacher man,” but vowed never to follow in his father’s footsteps. God had another plan.
Raised among a family of pastors, including his grandfather and two uncles in addition to his father, Sammy often saw the difficult side of ministry. Because his father was a pastor and church planter, his family moved often around the state of Texas and Arizona. By the age of 13, Sammy began to recognize hypocrisy of church members and the brutal way they would often treat his parents. As a result, Sammy developed a bitterness that crept into his heart, and quit following the Lord. It wasn’t until the age of 18 that Sammy gave his life back to Christ and surrendered to ministry.
Today, Sammy is Lead Pastor of Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship in San Antonio, TX, and one of the most sought-after Hispanic communicators in the nation, speaking to thousands of people of all ages each year. He has been seen on “The 700 Club,” TBN, ManaVision T.V. and Daystar Christian Television.
Sammy has worked with ministries and organizations including Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Samaritan’s Purse, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Team First and Goal Inc.
In addition to ministry, Sammy was able to live out his childhood dream in December 2006 when he was invited to try out with the Austin Wranglers in the Arena Football League. Though Pastor Sammy has concluded his free agency in the AFL, he desires to use his experiences as a testimony to proclaim that the Lord grants His children the desires of their hearts. He is married and has one daughter.
Sammy is a relevant, humorous and Biblically challenging communicator. His personal experience allows him to easily relate to individuals who have turned away from the church or are facing difficulties with their faith.


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